Smart Retail

EPD is more light&thin than traditional display. It has paper-like displays, good readability under sunlight, ultra-low power consumption, and screen always on in power off status. With the development of 5G, IoT and big data, electronic price tag/ electronic shelf label (ESL) has efficiently integrated brick-and-mortar retail, online retail, logistics, and payment systems through IoT big data, thus reducing labor and operation costs and human error, achieving real-time update of merchandise stand, and promoting visualized and paperless product management. 
Newface Optoelectronics is a holding  subsidary of YES Optoelectronics (Group), which achieves strategic cooperation with E-ink. Newface’s team has many years’ experience in display development and manufacturing and supports large-scale production of e-paper and related services. Newface provides customers with one-stop services and a full range of solutions on EPD products. 

Smart retail


ESL/Price Tags, Payment Terminals, E-Menus


ESL/price tags, Payment terminals, E-menus

Product Features

|  Product Features

1. Multiple dimensions and different resolutions available 

2. Dot matrix graphic E-paper—BW, BWR/BWY, BWRY

3. Provide customization and one-stop service solutions—front-light, Tcon, touch screen, optical bonding, software debugging, etc.


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